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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama Napoleon?

Again, Napoleon is not such a bad analogy; when you compare Obama and Clinton. Obama called her 'master of a broken system' and that's what the members of the Directory were in France, in 1799 before Napoleon took power. It was a left-right system that didn't work, just like the existing, traditional Republican-Democrat system with its corporate interests and its lobbyists. The Directory was also full of enmity, the way Washington is broken by partisan gridlock. Many didn't trust Napoleon when he first arrived on the scene; he was too young, inexperienced. Clinton supporters and many others in the U.S. feel the same about Obama. Instead of talking about change from the left or right, Nepoleon spoke of 'France' and the 'French people' and a new vision. Obama speaks of America the same way. Of course the point here isn't Napoleonic dictatorship conquest and militarism; it's that other side of Napoleon, triumph of vision over business as usual, of unity over sectarian politicking. It's what we all long for. That's why HISTORY IN THE NEWS supports Barak Obama.
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