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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Royals Bore

A Royal engaged to be married. I've never been able to fathom the fascination with Royal Family, though I do remember being about seven and waving a llittle Union Jack at the Queen as she rode by in a convertible- not at the wheel by the way, but in the back, waving with Prince Philip. As to all the Royals junk- it's all the most innocent, vulgar romaticism, it's fairy tales and fairy tale love for grownups.

I can't help but see it the way I see any happily engaged people or wedding- this is probably going to be the best part folks, so enjoy it while it lasts, four-to-one it's all down hill from here. I suppose some would call that cynical, but it's actually real life isn't it? I mean you don't see people getting married with a gorgeous wedding and everyone saying, "You think this is great, you haven't seen anything yet." I mean the prince and his fiancee, whatstheir name, they're going to have a few more fights yet, aren't they? An affair or two? They're going to have to particpate in middle aged human life and a lot of us know what that's like, don't we?

Altogether it's going to be about as interesting as your next door neighbour's marriage, in fact they themselves are about as interesting as your next door neigbour. But since the lives of the Royals are full of sorrow and embarrassment and other things that are difficult to explain, like everyone elses's, I do think they should be left alone. I don't think the nosy, prying, prurient, greedy, sick, predatory treatment they've all got from the press ouhgt to be the price of wealth and fame.To have a sliding scale to rate how much privacy people deserve is barbarous, in fact it's eltist, with ordinary people who might be pornographers or making liquid explosives for airplanes up azt the top of the privacy scale and the Royals down at the bottom. I've sometimes wondered if the Royals should pay for somebody to get canddid snapshots of Sun and Mirror and Times editors naked and flabby in doctors' offcies or with their lovers etc..  Ciao.
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